Venture into the crypto coin market and be part of a new revolution in agriculture.

Cultecoin is a crypto coin with limited supply that aids small farmers in Brazil.

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5 milhōes de tokens vendidos de setembro a novembro de 2021!

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Previsão de lançamento oficial: primeiro trimestre de 2022.

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Culte uses Blockchain technology to boost agribusiness.

You can help create a better future for agriculture by buying one of the most promising alternative crypto coins in 2021 and joining our Ecosystem.

How it works:

Culte works to empower small Brazilian farmers by creating connections and securing access to technical, financial and technological resources capable of boosting efficiency and productivity in the field.
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    Tokens The launch of Cultecoin in the cryptocoin market will help boost our current Culte Ecosystem.
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    Ecosystem A Digital Account and Online Marketplace that work together to establish connections between each link in the chain of production.
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    Use Tokens will be available for trade and used to access services in the Ecosystem.

Culte Ecosystem

Present in 20 Brazilian states;
Over 2,000 farmers;
More than 30% are women;
70% never had access to bank credit.
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Multicurrency debit card

Cultecoin: Token Sales

Ticker: CULTE
Token type: BEP20
We accept: BUSD


We have a long way to go but our mission is clear: to be the #1 Fintech in agribusiness and the best alternative cryptocoin to buy today and in the future.

Events & Partnerships

Cultecoin is supported by leading programs and companies in the Agribusiness and Blockchain sectors.


Reasons to buy:

  • Democratization

    HOW DOES THE CULTE ECOSYSTEM SUPPORT THE SMALL PRODUCER? Culte’s primary objective is to grant opportunities for small farmers to grow and expand their business. A raise in productivity means that more people will be able to benefit from the fruits of agriculture, be it in the country or the city.
  • Purchasing Power

    WHAT ARE THE MAJOR CHALLENGES FACE SMALL FARMERS? In the Culte Ecosystem, small farmers enjoy better, more advantageous conditions when purchasing inputs, services and equipment straight from suppliers, as well as buying in bulk along with other farmers.
  • Contribution to GDB

    LEARN MORE ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE TO THE BRAZILIAN ECONOMY In 2020, no less than 24% of the Brazilian GDP came from agribusiness. This sums up to a total of USD 164 billions! Besides that, according to Brazil’s 2020 National Household Survey, the agricultural sector is responsible for providing over 8 million jobs in the country.
  • Territorial Potential

    HOW CAN WE PREPARE OURSELVES TO FULFILL THE POTENTIAL OF FAMILY FARMING? Surveys made by the Brazilian government in 2018 show that the country uses only 7.8% of its territory for farming, while many countries use more than 20% or 30%. With the right strategy, the sector still has much to grow!
  • Boost the potential of small farmers

    WHY IS THE FAMILY AGRICULTURE SECTOR SO IMPORTANT TO BRAZIL? Responsible for more than 70% of the food that reaches Brazilian tables, family farmers get no more than 15% of the resources made available by the government for agricultural financing. This needs to change!
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