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Be part of the family farming revolution.

With the Culte tokens you will access the Marketplace for agricultural products that supports the family farmer.

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Agro Culte is a marketplace for family farming products that uses blockchain to boost agribusiness productivity.

Join this ecosystem and help create the conditions to improve the economic, social and environmental indicators of the country.

How it works

Culte empowers the small Brazilian agribusiness creating connections and access to technical, financial and technological resources capable of increasing the efficiency of its operations.
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  • 01
    Tokens The first part of the project aims to raise capital through the sale of the tokens to the market via ICO.
  • 02
    Ecosystem The ICO's resources will serve to create the Culte ecosystem and boost family farming.
  • 03
    Register Small farmers are registered in Marketplace, where they will be able to market their products.
  • 04
    Connection In the ecosystem the farmer will find technology companies, agribusiness professionals, suppliers of inputs and buyers.
  • 05
    Marketplace A Trading Platform of inputs, services and production that dispenses intermediates and empowers the farmer.
  • 06
    Use Token holders will have access to exclusive Marketplace areas, where lower priced products will be available.

Reasons to join

  • Contribution to GDP

    Download White Paper to learn more 23% of Brazilian GDP, comes from agribusiness, which represented in 2017, R $ 533.5 Billion. According to the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) of 2014, agribusiness provides 14.2% of jobs in Brazil, that is, 13.9 million workers, of which 5.9 million in the Northeast and 4 million in the total.
  • Growth potential

    Download White Paper to learn more Research conducted by NASA in November 2017 showed that Brazil uses only 7.6% of its territory with agriculture, while most countries use between 20% and 30% of the territory. The countries of the European Union use between 45% and 65%. The United States, 18.3%; China, 17.7%; and India, 60.5%.
  • Leveraging the potential of family farming

    Download White Paper to learn more Responsible for 11.2 million workers and for 70% of the food that comes to the table of Brazilian citizens, family farming receives only 15% of the resources available for national agricultural financing. Imagine what it would be possible to do with more resources?
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